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A person is in constant interaction with his or her environment. Our lives are directly affected by external factors, such as changes in nature (seasons and climate); stress brought on by work and lifestyle habits; the effects of pollutants that enter the body through diet and the environment; and emotional trauma stemming from major life events (grief, fear, depression, disappointment, worry). The demands of daily life leave little time to recharge our batteries. Family and work, for example, take up most of our time, and whatever free time we have is often crammed with social obligations, chores and appointments. In other words, we are overloaded. In order to get the rest it needs, the exhausted body will often succumb to illness or go into “auto-pilot.” As a result, we often find it difficult to enjoy life, and we carry around a sense of dissatisfaction.
It is important to speak out and take time for ourselves!

In my treatments, I combine the following three age-old therapies. Each supports the body during the recovery and restoration process :

The Shiatsu Loire also proposes:


shiatsu entreprise

Shiatsu for workplace is a great way to motivate your employees! Nothing better to improves work relationships and promotes a feeling of ”community”. Shiatsu i a stress relief and increases productivity and creativity.
Brochure Shiatsu for workplace

The gift card : an unusual and unforgettable gift for: birthdays, anniversary, mother’s day, retirement, the mother of a new baby

logo sphere bien etre Shiatsu Loire is also retailer of the products from « Sphère Bien-Etre »



  • Emilie has the gift of reading our body and mind, sensing where we are stuck, and with small, gentle adjustments open our inner channels so that life once again freely can flow through us

    Peter, somatic teacher,
  • Each treatment I received with Emilie was a deeply personal and specially tailored treatment based on my body's, mind's, energy's needs. After each session, I was left so free of stress, that I found it hard not to lay there and sleep afterwards. I've even recommended Emilie's treatments for my parents, they loved the experience and the healing.

    Matthew, production line worker, part-time IT entrepreneur, avid sports player
  • For a period of about five years I have received treatments by Emilie. Combining shiatsu with the use of essential oils I have been successfully treated for imbalance of both physical (muscle tension, recurrent respiratory infections) and mental character (stress, fatigue). I have experienced deep relaxation and moments of pause. Emilie is well educated, gifted and experienced in her area, which in combination with her interpersonal skills make her an exceptional therapist. I can warmly recommend her.

    Cia, teacher
  • Would recommend to anyone, very relaxing treatment!

    Sani, shiatsu practitionner