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I also provide a type of Chinese reflexology, known as energy-based reflexology, which is based on the principles of Chinese medicine. It is an age-old therapy method that regards the body as a whole in which energy flow plays a primary role. Zone therapy is a good compliment to a Shiatsu treatment.

The foot serves as a mirror to the human body. Each part, or reflex zone, of the foot is paired with an organ, a gland or a certain area of the body. The human foot has around 7,000 nerve endings, which, when stimulated, promote deep relaxation, and activate the body’s natural healing power. This approach not only addresses the symptom of an illness or disorder, but also the cause.

The reflexology method is based on the idea that it is possible to move energy to areas of the body that lack energy from those where there is stagnation.

Reflexology is used to:

  • relax: stress is the root of many physical and psychological dysfunctions. Zone therapy imparts a feeling of deep relaxation and increased vitality
  • activate the circulation of blood and lymph
  • help the body release poisons and toxins
  • regulate the nervous system
  • prevent, alleviate, and eliminate many potential problems and increase immunity to future illnesses

Reflexology helps the body naturally achieve balance and harmony. Regular treatments help correct imbalances stemming from emotional and psychological events before they lead to physical problems, such as pain and internal-organ dysfunction.

Reflexology should never be used instead of a doctor’s visit.



Treatment 60 min 75


Treatment 60 min 65
Shiatsu for children under 11


Treatment 60 min 75
Shiatsu for pregnant women

Three methods are combined in the treatments: shiatsu , reflexology and aromatherapy and every treatment suits your needs. However if you only want to reflexology or aromatherapy , it is possible entirely possible.

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