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Shiatsu treatments are designed to find and treat the cause of a health problem, and not just the symptoms, through a holistic approach to healing. The goal of Shiatsu is optimum health and energy-balance. In the Shiatsu tradition, every symptom is seen and addressed as a message from the body. Shiatsu treatments should under no circumstances replace doctor visits.

A first treatment takes around 90 minutes (includes practitioner-client question time, discussion, treatment.
A second treatment lasts around 60 minutes.
A patient lies on a massage bed or on the floor on a futon mattress.
Based partly on the initial question/discussion period and on a first treatment, I also give an energy diagnosis.


Depending on the diagnosis, I choose from among the following treatment techniques :

  • The Shiatsu : applying pressure with the fingers; applying pressure with the palms; stretching; working directly with energy points (tsubos) or meridians; the warming of energy points (moxa).
  • The Reflexology.
  • The Aromatherapy : as a compliment to the chosen technique, I use the highest-quality essential oils.
There is no such thing as a “typical” treatment. Each treatment is uniquely crafted around a client’s health needs.
Emilie speaks French, English and Swedish.
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Those methods of Wellness and Relaxation does not replace the treatment of allopathic or psychiatric medicine and are not related to physiotherapy under Article L.4321-21 the Code of Public Health and Decree No. 96 -879 of 8 October 1996, as amended by decree No. 2000-577 of June 27, 2000.




Treatment 60 min 65
(the first session takes a little longer)


Treatment 30 min 35
Shiatsu for children 3 to 14 years old


Treatment 60 min 65
Shiatsu for pregnant women

Three methods are combined in the treatments: shiatsu , reflexology and aromatherapy and every treatment suits your needs. However if you only want to reflexology or aromatherapy , it is possible entirely possible.

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