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Shiatsu 指圧 is a manual energy form of practise of Japanese origin that has been practiced in the Far East for thousands of years. With “shi” and “atsu,” meaning, respectively, “finger” and “pressure,” Shiatsu is administered through pressure applied by the fingers and the palms of the hand to different points around the body. The aim of Shiatsu is to promote and maintain optimum health and to correct problems stemming from energy blockages in the body.

In Shiatsu, a person is seen as a whole being in which the physical and the psychological work together.

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The advantages of Shiatsu are:

  • a strengthened immune system that promotes self-healing
  • restored energy flow in the body’s meridians, which in turn stimulates the body’s vital functions and promotes an overall feeling of well-being
  • harmony between body and soul
  • a whole and balanced energy system
  • reduced stress and tension, increased energy
  • an increased sense of vitality and well-being
  • a unique sense of calm and deep relaxation
Shiatsu Loire 49 Angers Maine Et Loire

The effects of Shiatsu are:

  • increased flexibility
  • relaxed muscles
  • improved nervous and endocrine system function
  • improved blood and lymph circulation
  • deeper and more even breathing
  • improved function of internal organs
  • stronger, softer and smoother skin

A Shiatsu treatment should never replace a doctor’s visit Neither a massage nor ideology nor medicine in the Western sense, Shiatsu is a method of relaxation and wellness within the area of prevention.



Treatment 60 min 75


Treatment 60 min 65
Shiatsu for children under 11


Treatment 60 min 75
Shiatsu for pregnant women

Three methods are combined in the treatments: shiatsu , reflexology and aromatherapy and every treatment suits your needs. However if you only want to reflexology or aromatherapy , it is possible entirely possible.

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