Ethics Charter

The practitioner agrees on honor:

  • to practice his art in the total respect for the physical and moral integrity of the person treated
  • to respect strict confidentiality , professional secrecy
  • Always ensure optimum performance, including maintaining their skills at the highest level with courses, internships and further education
  • to conduct its activities shiatsu and reflexology excluding any form of religious proselytism , political or sectarian - which would represent a radiation pattern.

Moreover , the practitioner must keep in mind that shiatsu and reflexology are not a medical practice in the Western sense of the term. Therefore he must:

  • refrain from establishing any medical diagnosis
  • Do not discontinue or change medical treatment
  • not to prescribe medication or advise
  • lead immediately to a doctor complaining or anyone with abnormal symptoms
  • have a multidisciplinary design practice , open to medical and paramedical disciplines
  • remember that Shiatsu is neither medicine nor a massage, or an ideology , but an art enrolling primarily in the area of prevention.

Beyond the principles issued through the code of conduct, the following ethical axes must be respected as part of the practice of shiatsu and reflexology , as tradition has taught :

  • Shiatsu practitioner and reflexology is not there to judge or ask notions of good and evil
  • it should never be considered as shiatsu and reflexology are able to solve everything.

In all situations , in practice , it must:

  • Respect the other in its request.
  • Respect the other in his choices and in his " protective reflexes ."
  • Provide additional guidance if necessary (doctor, nutritionist , rest, etc.).
  • Do not be a missionary and let his beliefs to another.
  • Always keep a clear and clean in its approach axis (neither a doctor nor a priest , or " Guru " ).
  • Do not endorse nor condone the excesses or the wanderings ( emotional delusions, prohibited substances , esotericism , remote action , etc.).
  • Do not go into the " perverse demands " ( management , submission, idolatry , sexuality, etc.).
  • Being transparent as possible to deal with " projections " any of the other ( responsibility reports, " all power " miracle waiting , etc.).
  • Never fail to regularly review its own rules , either about himself or his practice.